Day 12: Football Sunday

We headed over to Capitola to watch the surfers and the 49ers game. We stopped at Southern Kitchen on the way over the hill.

2 scrambled eggs
1 slice bacon (thanks for sharing, garret!)
Couple pieces of fruit from Garret’s plate

Once we were in Capitola, G wanted to torture me more so we stopped at a donut shop. I smelled them but had a large cup of coffee instead.

Orange (we weren’t home-had to do the best I could)

We went to Gayle’s bakery in Capitola-yum!
Had a salad with lots of veggies, goat cheese (protein) and spiced nuts (fat)
Split a cup of tomato soup. Yum!

Zone perfect bar

I was craving more soup and had some spinach I needed to use, so I went to Pinterest and found this recipe. I thought it was pretty good! Tried to make sure my bowl had more spinach than noodles.


Note to self: pack snacks!

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